Barley Harbour

Barley Harbour near Newtowncashel, County Longford.

History & Info
Barley Harbour is a beautiful limestone harbour located 5km outside the village of Newtowncashel in South Longford. Offering picturesque views out over Elfeet Bay, locals and visitors alike all enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the space and many use the grassy picnic area to relax with friends and family during the warm sunny weather. The harbours stoneclad slipway is perfect for launching boats, while the area is also frequented for fishing, swimming and other water based sporting activities.

A delightful and peaceful place to visit, the harbour affords stunning vistas of the islands on Lough Ree, most particularly Inchcleraun Island. On this Island can been seen the ruins of a monastic settlement founded in 540AD by St Diarmuid, teacher of St Cieran of Clonmacnoise. This site was at one time an important centre of christian learning and pilgrimage. It is also the burial place of many important Farrell Clan members. The Island is named after Clothra, sister of the legendary Queen Maeve of Connacht who often the island and bathed in the waters of Lough Ree. It is also the site at which she came to her death at the hand of her nephew who sought revenge for the slaying of his mother by Meave.

Also Located en route to Barley Harbour is the workshop and studio of famous sculptor, Michael Casey and his son Kevin, who create works of art from bog wood, many examples of which can be seen throughout the nearby village of Newtowncashel. The bogwood used by the artists is uniquely found in the Irish Bogs where it has been preserved for over 5,000 years and was part of the great forests that covered the central plains of Ireland. The three types of Bogwood used by Michael and Kevin are Oak,Yew,and Pine. Visitors to the studio can experience the story of the tranformation from rough timber to elegant forms, told through the mediums of video, photographs, and finally the finished pieces of sculpture.

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