Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre

Ardagh Heritage Centre

History & Info
Built in 1898, the old school house in Ardagh Village is now the site of Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. The exhibition contained within its walls outlines the various periods of this exquisite village and offers a fascinating insight to its enchanting history. It draws on the rich fabric of Ardagh life down through the ages, from the roots of the village in Irish mythology, to its development as an important early Christian church site and its emergence as a model estate village.


Arts & Creativity
The story of Ardagh includes elements of magic, myth and mystery, history, literature and story-telling all of which the visitor to the centre may get a sense of.  Over the years, Ardagh has played host to many famous writers and musicians such as Oliver Goldsmith, Sir Walter Scott, Turlough O’Carolan and Maria Edgeworth.  The Heritage Centre aims to use the various elements of the natural, built and historic heritage of Ardagh Village to inspire creativity and works of art amongst those who use it’s space. The proprietors Anne and Annette,  run a wide variety of creative and artistic classes and courses, both for adults and children.


Crafts & Cakes
The Midir and Étaín Café, incorporated into the heritage centre,  draws its name from the ancient mythological legend ‘The Wooing of Étaín’ which is associated with the area.  Brí Léith – Ardagh Mountain, was, according to the  legend, the stronghold and palace of a fairy Prince named Midir. He was one of the magical Tuatha Dé Dannan, the people of the goddess Danu.  The café is a colorful and magical space offering a range of creative courses and classes for both adults and children. Local arts and crafts persons from the Longford arts and craft network, ‘Creative Longford’ showcase their work in the Craft Gallery section and many visitors leave the centre with unique pieces of art work lovingly created in Longford, the heart of Ireland. The Centre is also the venue for the annual Fairy Ball which takes place on the first weekend in August alongside the traditional Bilberry Gathering on Brí Leith. These events are both held in celebration of the Celtic season Lughnasa.

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