The Bealtaine Festival

Bealtaine is a national arts festival celebrating creativity in older age which showcases the diversity of talent and creativity among both first-time and professional older artists. Bealtaine, the Irish word for May, is also traditionally known as an ancient Celtic festival which was celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man by the Gaels. The month-long festival offers older people plenty of opportunity to participate in all kinds of creative and fun events in County Longford.

Over 120,000 all over Ireland people take part in Bealtaine, with a varied programme of events, workshops and classes engaging the older population of the country.  Dance, cinema, painting and  theatre events offer a space for people to make new and challenging work, creating new opportunity to communicate traditions between the generations. The novice can discover a talent which has remained unseen or allow a long-dormant skill to find a new outlet.

Each year, Age & Opportunity invites local authorities, arts centres, libraries, Active Retirement groups, care settings, community groups and clubs, associations from every part of the country to run Bealtaine events that celebrate creativity as we age. Longford plays an incredible part of this festival with a packed programme of events for the young at heart to engage in whilst celebrating the liberation that ageing brings.

Venue: Longford Town & County
Contact: Mary C Reynolds
Tel: 00353 (0)43 3341124

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